04.02.2010 (Thursday)

A supermatrix model for super-Chern-Simons-Matter

Informal Seminar Nadav Drukker (Humboldt)

12:00 IC
room Blackett 741

I will present the 1/2 BPS Wilson loop operator of N=6 super Chern- Simons-matter (ABJM theory) which is dual to the simplest macroscopic open string in AdS4 x CP3. The Wilson loop couples, in addition to the gauge and scalar fields of the theory, also to the fermions in the bi-fundamental representation of the U(N) x U(M) gauge group. These ingredients are naturally combined into a superconnection whose holonomy gives the Wilson loop, which can be defined for any representation of the supergroup U(NlM). Using the localization calculation of Kapustin et al. I will then show that the circular loop is computed by a supermatrix model and discuss the connection to pure Chern-Simons theory with supergroup U(NlM).