01.12.2010 (Wednesday)

Schrodinger Holography

Regular Seminar Marika Taylor (University of Amsterdam)

14:00 IC
room H503

Abstract: There has recently been considerable discussion of holographic backgrounds with Schrodinger and Lifshitz symmetry, motivated by condensed matter applications. Since the bulk spacetimes are not asymptotically AdS, there are however many subtleties in setting up a holographic dictionary. In this talk we will argue that Schrodinger spacetimes (along with some realizations of Lifshitz) can be understood in terms of deformations of conformal field theories which break the relativistic scaling symmetry, but preserve an anisotropic/non-relativistic scale symmetry. We will highlight how this fact restricts which condensed matter systems can be well modeled holographically, and we will briefly discuss how the entropy of Schrodinger black holes (so-callsed null warped black holes) in three dimensions can be understood in this framework.